Why getting a pet could be the best decision you made for your Mental Health

At some point or another we all get depressed and fall into some dark hole in the hopes of it swallowing us whole. And I would say that the large majority of us suffer from some kind of mental health illness that we try to keep to ourselves out of fear of being ridiculed in some way.

Like a lot of you, I too suffer from mental health issues that at times had and still does cripple me to the point of being an nonfunctional human being with no passion or motivation for anything.

But a lot of that changed the day I got a cat (pictured down below). In September 2013 I – with the consent from my mam – introduced Kitt-Katt to the family. Since that moment we have had a crazy/strange but close relationship between owner and pet.

And by crazy/strange I mean I don’t really feel like Kitt is my pet but more like…A spirit animal. Spirit guide, maybe? He seems unusually in tuned to my emotions to the point where at times he mimicked them or displays the same kind of emotion or vibe that I am displaying that day.

He helps me through my bad days just by coming up to me when I am upset and I don’t want to be around everyone. He always has a knowing look to him in those moments and gets extra affectionate.

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Me and Kitt

He helps me to get out of bed in the mornings when I don’t have the will to get up and do anything. One look at his face with his big green eyes and hearing his little demanding meow for breakfast and I’m up, in the kitchen and feeding him.

Since getting Kitt-Katt six years ago I have added two more additions to my furry family (pictured down below) and now I have three little demanding meows to get me out of bed in the mornings.

There’s something about knowing that you have a tiny little creature walking around your house helping you when your emotions take flight, rely solo on you to keep them alive, happy and healthy that, helps keep me grounded. It reminds me that even on the days where I feel unwanted, where I feel not needed and worthless that there is a creature that needs me.

And it’s always good to feel like you aren’t alone, even on those days/nights where you are. They are a constant company that I personally find relaxing. Not to mention they make for a great reading buddy!

But as relaxing, calming and soothing as they can be, they can be just as much of a distraction from the terrible thoughts running through your head or distract you from the crap that is going on right at that moment.

Sometimes I would just lock my self outside or in a room with Kitt-Katt and play with him for hours on end. His favourite toy is a feather tied to the end of a fishing line that was attached to a plastic red handle (I think they are £4.99 in B&M but please don’t quote me on that).

Of course, I’m not saying you should just go out there and get yourself a cat, but what I am saying is that if you find yourself in the position where you can get yourself an animal then I totally recommend you do! Be that cat, dog, fish, parrot, bunny, hamster and so on…

It isn’t about the animal it’s self but rather the connection you and your pet share together. It’s that bond and weird understanding between owner & pet, between animal best friend and human best friend.

There are so many positives to getting an animal to brighten up your home and life. But before I thank you all for taking the time to read this post I want to leave you all with one thing.

When looking into getting yourself an animal, a pet, a new family member for your home and furry friend, I do implore that you look into getting yourself a rescue pet from the RSPCA.

There are so many loving animals that have been placed in there because their owner could no longer keep them or no longer wanted them. There are so many out there who have been abused, dumped and abandoned, who have not been shown the love that the deserve, that you could give to one of them. There’s virtually nothing wrong with them other than the scars left on them by someone else. The love is still the same from them, if not more extraordinary for an animal who has experience nothing but pain and heartache.

The RSPCA is very good at caring for the animals but they can only do so for so long. They train to the best of their abilities and even handle all their medical care. They need loving, caring people like yourself to take them & show them what love is. The love they can give back is so rewarding!

In my experience, they have been the best “emotional support pets” a girl could ever wish for. Of course, that isn’t to say people who go out and buy their pets are bad people, there isn’t any shame in wanting something. But in a case like this or for a second pet, a surprise present for someone (although I personally don’t like to refer to pets as “presents” it feels almost too…impersonal to talk about an animal in that way?) I really would implore you into looking at getting a rescue animal.

To find your local RSPCA Centre near you, CLICK HERE.

If you enjoyed reading this then please like, share and comment you’re thoughts! I would love to read what some of you think on the subject. Or if you have any tips, advice or even some constructive criticism, thank you all for reading!

16 thoughts on “Why getting a pet could be the best decision you made for your Mental Health

  1. I love this! I have 2 dogs and 2 cats at home, and I fully credit them for helping me get through the tougher times in life, especially my girl. I adopted my dog before I even met the man I’m not married to, and she’s momma’s girl. Whenever I’m down, she’s instantly right by my side putting her head in my lap, nuzzling up to me and giving me kisses.


  2. I totally agree! We’ve been looking after my partner’s parents’ cat for the last week while they were away and it has really given me something to look forward to when I’m coming home from work. They know when you need love and can be so affectionate. Honestly nothing better than Sunday morning cat snuggles under a duvet 😻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Snuggles from my fur babies are what get me through my weeks! Such spiritual and in-tuned creatures, we really are blessed to have them in our lives. Such a pleasure to spend time with someone else fur baby! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, he’s my little spirit animal, and I totally know what you mean, they are such wonderful creatuers to have around!


  3. I love this post so much. I agree with you 💯 that a pet can be the best medicine. There is nothing like coming home from work to your pet who greets you at the door. Also, I strongly agree with you about rescuing pets. I rescued all 3 of mine and I wouldn’t have it any other way

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so important to give homes to those who need them most, they are perfectly capable of giving and receiving love as much as a bought pet. Thank you for reading my post, I’m glad you liked it 😀


  4. Great first post !! I am more of a dog person but all animals have some way of being able to read your emotions and calm you down, unconditional love 💗 I love my dog so much I feel once I’ve had a bad day I sit around her and suddenly feel a sense and of calm. Really good post for your first one, good luck with your journey 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ever so much! And indeed it seems animals have a way of reading their owners emotions, it’s why they are so great to have around 🙂


  5. I am personally more of a dog guy. I remember when I saved a young pup some years ago. Now we’re best of friends! Yeah you’re right, Getting an animal friend can be the best decision of your life!!

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