Meet Oreo

Meet Oreo

Meet Oreo, the giant cuddly monster of my little cat family. I say that because upon meeting him you will question whether or not he is actually a house cat, I have had delivery men and strangers do double takes when I open the door and Oreo happens to be by my side at the time. It never fails to make me laugh because I can see that his size intimidates them but he’s probably one of the friendliest cats you could come by.

I got Oreo about two years ago for my boyfriends. Oreo is a rescue cat that had been thrown out on the road when he was a kitten by his original owners, the RSPCA took him in, cared for him and made sure he was healthy. When I and my boyfriend came across him a connection instantly sparked between the two.

Now I should probably mention my boyfriend isn’t really a cat person, he always much preferred his dog, Toby, until we met Oreo. My boyfriend wasn’t in the best of moods at the time but the moment those two met Oreo had him smiling within minutes!

He didn’t bother much with me, not minding when I wanted to pet him or give him attention but his main goal was to get attention off Dan. It made me think instantly that I needed to get this cat for him, it was close to Christmas and so I figure I could just pass buying him off for him as one of his Christmas presents. (Another thing to note is my boyfriend is much more practical than I. Where I tend to go and do something out on a whim he’ll sit back and think on things first before deciding to do it. He really is my better half, he balances out my crazy & chaos with his calm and calculating mind).

When I showed him he was shocked yet thrilled at having Oreo back and although gave me a talk about talking to each other before buying living things for each other he was giving Oreo attention the entire time, he also didn’t look up at me once as he was too busy looking at his new cat. All in all it was very successful.

We introduced Oreo to his dog Toby first. Toby is a Chihuahua, not a teacup Chihuahua so he and Oreo were pretty much the same size at the time. Toby is really great with cats, he’s been around my families cats for over five years and he even plays with a few of them! They trust him very much and so we were confident in those two getting along.

Fast forward to three weeks later and those two are rolling around in wrapping paper (getting closer to Christmas at this point). Running around the house and back garden going crazy with one another, Toby even taught Oreo to growl so I know have growling cat… Who knew cats could growl?

Those to became best friend and I could see why. Toby is a really smart Chihuahua and Oreo is basically a mini human/ cat creature. He’s so intelligent that it’s honestly creeped me out a few times.

I personally have never liked the idea of owning an indoor cat and as much as I fear for their when out have always given my cats the option of going out or not. When I first opened the back door for Oreo he was so happy! He’d been waiting months to be allowed out (he had his vaccinations and we had a wait a certain period of time before allowing him outside) and didn’t even think about it for a second.

However 5-10 minutes later and hear a frantic scraping at the backdoor as though something was trying to claw its way into the house. Having cats before I assumed this was how Oreo was letting me know he was ready to come back in. When I opened the door he was stood next to it with his back facing it and crying at another cat in front.

This was his first time meeting another cat! And it didn’t look like it was going all that well as he looked back at me and cried as though to say, “Well help me out here!” As soon as I called his name he came running into the house giving a final cry at the new cat in front of him.

He ran right past me and right up stairs into the bed room and onto the windowsill (His favourite place to be when its not someone’s lap). I noticed a rather horrible smell and instantly noticed a trail of something brown trail up stairs and hung my head for a second.

My cat had gotten so scared meeting another cat outside that he pooped himself and left a trail of it in the house. After shooing the other cat out of the garden and closing the door, I cleaned the mess up and popped him in the shower… He didn’t not like the shower I have never had a cat cry so loud being in water before but he needed to be clean and so we both powered through it to get him all nice and clean. After wards I gave him a rub down with the towel (his favourite part) before giving him cuddles.

After that he refused to go outside on his own for months make me or my boyfriend walk outside with him when he wanted to go out. After awhile though he go used to being outside and now he’s pretty much out there all the time other than for food or bed time and some cuddles.

He’s also started getting into the habit of getting wet in the rain so he can be dried off when he comes back home. He always used to avoid the rain as much as possible, he used to go into the shed or he’d have dry hiding spots whenever he wanted to be outside during rainy weather. But for the past year he has been getting drenched! Comes home crying and rubbing himself against me until I’m forced to dry him before he dries himself on me and then he wants to go right back out, only to get wet again moments later and want another drying! He also enjoys the snow.

I’ve now started refusing to let him out of the house when its raining (unless he needs the toilet as he doesn’t like using litter trays). After growling around the house for ten minutes he usually plonks himself on me or finds a bed to go sulk on until the weather is good again.

Him and Kitt have a love hate relationship. They get very jealous with one another especially when one is being given attention before the other first but they do like to sleep by each other sometimes, they share the shed and even “protect” the house from other cats together.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading a little about my cat Oreo. Please don’t forget to like, share, comment and have a wonderful week!

6 thoughts on “Meet Oreo

    1. Thank you so much! I couldn’t help myself when he placed himself right behind the packet, it was like he was asking me to take the picture! haha xx


    1. I wasn’t always into cats myself as my mother was a big dog lover when I was younger. However after my little sister really wanted one of her friends kittens we haven’t been able to stop falling in love with them. Animals are such a blessing to our lives! 🙂 (my sister came up with the name haha, big chocolate lovers in my family 😀 )

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    1. thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed reading through it. I have two myself, oreo – although I got him for my boyfriend I still consider him mine too- you’ve just been introduced to 😀 and Bear who I’ll introduce to my blog very soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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