Meet Bear

Meet my newest addition to my little cat family. Bear came to me through my sister’s cat. My younger sister has a female house cat that had gotten out of the house when she was in heat resulting in her getting pregnant.


We were all so devastated that she had managed to escape out and had to cancel her appointment for getting her spayed. My sister was the moist devastated as she had worked especially hard to keep Moo-Moo (her cat’s nickname) from escaping. She would hide behind every door and every corner sat there for hours waiting for someone to leave the house or come back in, my sister bought her toys, played with her for hours, sat there rubbing her belly for hours and days in the hopes she’d stop trying to get out of house but unfortunately that wasn’t enough to stop her but she only had to do it for another few days and then we’d no longer have to worry about her wanting to escape the house.

So when she did manage to do it no one knew what to do, Moo-Moo was really young, she was the first female cat anyone in my family had owned so I didn’t really have any advice to offer up. After a lot of working out, timing how long she went missing for, how far she had gone and how many cats that hadn’t been neutered where around our area (I’m a BIG cat lover and I’ve pretty much introduced myself to every cat in a mile radius! And there were only two male cats that kept going into the back garden. We had managed to figure out who the dads (yes she had managed to get it on with more than one cat in the space of half an hour!) were once the kittens were born.

There are two male cats that like to come into the garden often. One with really long beautiful grey fur, mix with white and a little brown(I love this cat he is so beautiful! Plus he has the same face as my Kitt-Katt). And another one that is smaller in size, bigger in build, but has such beautiful browny-golden fur with darker strips going across his body, and his eyes! He has the greenest eyes I have ever seen. He’s also much bolder than the other cat. The other cat will run out of the garden as soon as it see’s that you have seen it, it won’t even let you open the door before he’s gone. Where as the other makes himself at homes, the kids even stroke him and give him treats, and he likes to sit by the back door. My mum and siblings have informed that he has tried getting into the house.

So those two are two of three (or four) of the cats that are dads to Moo-Moos kittens. The other ones is my little Kitt-Katt. I never got him done as I never really like the thought of taking away his balls. Plus he was already such a skittish kitty that I didn’t want him distrusting me or feeling betrayed by me if I took away his balls. Plus he didn’t even know what it was there for, for the longest time I thought he was gay as he wouldn’t approach any females cats, if they tried he’d freak out get nasty hit them once and run away.

Once Moo-Moo had, had the kittens we had started looking for new homes for them right away. Unfortunately two kittens passed away from Fading Kitten Syndrome, we had named them Kuro (I just know that I spelt his name wrong and Courtney i’m sorry for that!) and Tink , it was a really sad day as those were the two my mum and little sister had taken to and was thinking of keeping for themselves.

We have given away three to friends of ours, my mum ended up falling in love with the first born Koda and Koda seemed really taken with my mum. My sister ended up falling in love with the kitten that looks exactly like my Kitt-Katt except smaller and more feminine. And my other little sister fell in love with the only grey cat from the litter. It was really strange to see as the others were all black/ black and white or had the same colours/patterns as Kitt-Katt.

And I fell in love with Bear. It took me a little while to come up with a name for him as I was originally going to have my sisters cat (the grey one) and even named him Bandit (which we kept it as) but the year before that my little sister had lost her best friend Sox due to being run over (I’ll right a separate post on that) and he was an grey cat with little white paws that looked like white Soxs and little patch with white fur on his chest with a weird little moustache above his lips.

Bear I had become taken with because he had the same personality has my Kitt-Katt. He’s so laid back, uncaring of things and just such a little softy and when he was tiny he looked like a little fluffed up bear, Hence the name Bear!

It’s been really amazing having a kitten pretty much from birth, I’d gotten my other two cats when they were 5-months old and a year old. He’s really made me laugh more than I have in the past two years since having. Christmas we had trouble with him and the Christmas tree as he really loved climbing it! I’d go to bed wake up, check out the Christmas tree (make sure it was still standing) to find a cat at the top instead of the star!

He gets along so well with both Kitt and Oreo it’s almost as if he was made to be with us, I’ve found Oreo taking a few moments to clean him while cleaning himself and Kitt turns into a little kitten around him and starts playing with him. It’s so great to see and they always lift my spirits up during bad moments and bad anxiety attacks.

Thank you all for reading! I know things have been a little slow this month and I may be like this for a little while as my mum and siblings go through their surgeries. But I will try and get a post out at least once a week!

If you’ve enjoyed today’s posts please like, share or leave a comment and let me know 🙂 I appreciate every single one. And appreciate all my readers!

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    1. Thank you so much! He was almost named mars to fit in with my other two cats names but my my started making fun of us so I change to Bear haha 😹

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