Untouchable (Haven Falls series) by Sheridan Anne


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Unforgettable - (Haven Falls series) by Sheridan Anne, book review, book reviewer, book blogger, review, blogtober, october, littletinkablee
Unforgettable – (Haven Falls series) by Sheridan Anne. Book review by Littletinkablee

I’m the biggest loser in Haven Falls… FML!
Things couldn’t possibly get worse from here.
Everyone leaves me. My mom, my friends…
Kaylah. It’s like the curse of Henley Bronx.
Forever alone, and that’s no exaggeration.
I’m all I’ve got in this world. Just me, myself, and I…
and my goldfish, frog.
Who would have thought that throwing a bowl
of spaghetti-Bolognese all over the school bad
boy would change it all? I sure as hell didn’t.
If anything, I was expecting a very different outcome.
Noah Cage. What can I say? He’s the pack leader. He stormed in, tattooed up with muscles for days, desperate to prove he’s not like the rest.
He saved me while sweeping me right off my feet, but really… I think I saved him too.
He wormed his way in and brought love, happiness, and friendship with him and now the thought of losing him tears me apart, but if my track record is anything to go by, he’ll leave me, just like everyone else. It’s inevitable.
I’d give anything for Noah Cage to prove me wrong.

Will ‘Henley Bronx curse’return once again to take away my only happiness or do I finally have what it takes to turn this bad boy my way?

My Review

I want to start this review off with a 3/5 stars.

Unforgettable - (Haven Falls series) by Sheridan, Book review, Review, Book blogger, Littletinkablee, october, blogtober Anne
Unforgettable – (Haven Falls series) by Sheridan Anne. Book review by littletinkablee

Untouchable is the first instalment in the ‘Haven Falls series’ written by author of Brooklyn Hill High series, Sheridan Anne. This novel is a YA (Young Adult) and New Adult romance filled with a few funny moments, teenage angst and of course lots of drama!

This book has been recommended for mature readers due to curse words and sexual content, however, I believe that this could be read by slightly less mature readers as the ‘sexual content’ in this first book just seems to be a lot of heavy petting and the curse words are no worse than what you hear kids saying these days, I don’t believe they will read anything they don’t already say or known. Although I do have to say the over use of curse words gets a little annoying and frustrating, making the writing come across as a little immature.

This is the first book and series that I have read by Sheridan Anne and I have every intentions of reading her first book series ‘Brooklyn Hill High’ due to the ‘Haven Falls series’ having across over characters from the first series Brooklyn Hill High.

Untouchable is a fast-paced read,

After reading this series I have to say that I am curious to read Sheridan’s first series and slightly disappointed in myself for not having seen and read the Brooklyn Hill high series first. But I hope to remedy that before the end of this year.

Broken. Lost. Forgettable. A loser.

These are just a few words Henley would use to describe herself. Living a life where everyone around her abandons her, it’s hard to believe anything other than that.

Although she has her father whom her mother abandoned her to when she was young -leaving her lost, confused and angry at the world around her as well as with a few abandonment issues. Due to this they have developed a (In, Henley’s words) “efffed up relationship,” that seemed to work. This relationship consists of time home alone while her dad worked away on random job opportunities, only leaving a note and money for her to wake up too

Feeling more lost than ever, betray and broken by her now ex-best friend and her brother, the two people she thought would always have her back she starts to withdraw from the world and becomes a social

Henley –

Henley Bronx is a young girl slowly but surely transitioning into a young woman who longs to leave her hometown and all her past problems behind. Henley goes through life believing not only is she broken inside but that she is all alone in this cruel and unforgiving world.

She is convinced that she has her very own curse that she likes to refer to the ‘Henley Bronx Curse.’ She believe that no matter what good comes into her life, the curse will be sure to rip it away from her without a second thought.

Although she adores her father and loves him dearly, knowing that he does the best that he is capable of while knowing that he isn’t exactly the ‘father type’ or didn’t hold a ‘father’ gene in his body and as despite the time passing it seemed her father just never got hit with the ‘father bug’. So they function on a, (in Henley’s words) “effed up relationship” where he leaves her home alone a lot of the time while he travels away on business – checking in on her with phone calls and leaving her a note and money in the mornings when she wakes to an empty house, leaving her to take care of herself.

“These day’s, I guess it’s fair to say it’s more of a surprise when he’s home rather than waking up to find him gone.” – Henley, Untouchable (Haven Falls series – book 1)

Henley – Unforgettable, Haven Falls Series Book 1

Being left alone at home never used to bother her as much when she had her best friend Kaylah around, however after a massive misunderstand that Kaylah leaves both Kaylah and Henley feeling betrayed for different reasons, she refused to listen to Henley and leaves Haven Falls with her brother, Jackson, without a word to Henley.

Feeling betrayed, confused, heart-break and more lost now than ever before she decides the best thing she could do is close herself off to people, and unintentionally became the school’s social pariah. But she bares it all through gritted teeth and an untouchable attitude.

I have to say that I personally didn’t relate to Henley’s character at all and I found it really hard to connect with her character while reading through this book. At the start it’s made clear that she’s used to looking at herself, that throughout her life there has only been one person who she could relay on… herself. It is clear that the author is going for a head strong, take no BS young woman however I feel as though this gets lost very quickly the instant she comes across Noah. Who we come across through chapter 2.

In seconds it seems as though she goes from needing no one, being strongly independent to needy and relaying on someone else who is near next a stranger to her despite them attending the same school for years. I really expected and wanted more from this character and although you get to see her ‘grow’ somewhat…it does all seem to be a tad…rushed.

Noah –

Noah is instantly introduced as the tattooed up, resident bad boy of Haven Falls and ruler of the school along with his ‘pack’. Tully the ‘silent assassin’ who is introduced to us as Noah’s twin sister and Rivers, Noah’s best friend, who no one seems to know much about, not even his first name.

Henley describes the three of them together as “fucking lethal” and “Unstoppable”.

Noah is the ‘Pack’ leader of the group, always up front and the ‘face’ of the group. Always the centre of attention, he makes it clear he likes it that way. He liked being looked at, being stared at, as he makes clear when he calls Henley out on staring and she points out his tattooed covered body.

Although, Noah, likes to come across as the unstoppable, fearless bad boy of Haven Falls we get to see other sides of him, as he so ever slowly starts to open up we slowly see a little of what made Noah who is today. He is filled with so many dark secrets that it’s a wonder none of them has consumed him whole.

We see why he appears so hardened and closed off from everyone but his ‘pack’ and see that really he is a boy that made bad and rash decisions based on a big heart that cared too much for everyone around him but himself.

With, Noah, holding so many dark secrets close to him, it makes him a hard character to trust even though author has found a way to make you want to trust him, even without knowing all his secrets.

Noah is a very confusing and hardened character much like his friend Rivers who seems more closed off than Noah which I had thought possible until it appeared that even the kids he walked around a school building with for years didn’t know his first name and only refereed to him by his last.

Noah’s motives are questionable from the moment he barges into Henley life and decides that he’s going to ‘adopt’ her into his little ‘pack’ after an incident occurred in school.

This is one of the first books I’ve read by Sheridan Anne,and even though there was a series before this called the Brooklyn Hill High series that has characters make an appearance in Haven Falls series, you don’t have to read the Brooklyn Hill High series to understand the Haven Falls series, although I do have plans to read the Brooklyn Hill High series to better understand Kaylah and Jackson characters as well as the others that made an appearance.

Although this series seems to focus a lot on Henley’s and Noah’s story, we do get little spinets of insight into Tully’s and Rivers life and I hope that the author does a novel that solely focuses on Rivers as I found his character to be the most intriguing.

I think the writing style could use a little more work as the writing does come across as a little immature and though I know this is directed at teenagers this isn’t something I would find being able to keep my interest simply due to the writing style that almost makes me feel as though the author thinks little of her readers.

With all that in mind I do see great potential here for a really amazing series and I’ve already read through most of the novels in this series already. As stated this is a fast-paced read and I found myself finishing the first book in one short sitting.

Untouchable (Haven Falls series - book one) by Sheridan Anne.

A book review by littletinkablee

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  1. This sounds like something that would be totally entertaining for a preteen. I think you’re right with the ratings – I think we continue to rate things like language in books on the same basis that we always did, but kids today are exposed to so much today on TV that they are far more familiar with it than they used to be.

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    1. I see it happening all the time but times change and so does out society, kids know and have heard worse in their own house, on the streets and in school. A little bad language shouldn’t take points off a book like it used to☺️


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