A littletinkablee life-update

As I’m sure most of my viewers are aware by now that I’ve pretty much been AWOL from my blog recently and there have been many reasons as to why I have drifted away from my blog.

The biggest being, simply my mental health. 2019 was the best year I’ve had for a long, long time. I finally felt like I was reaching out for what I wanted instead of accepting the little I’ve been settling for.

…And then, towards the end of the year, I hit a rough patch. My head started playing games with me, I started to worry over the weight I was gaining (even though that’s exactly what I’ve been wanting and trying so hard to achieve) and eventually I stopped eating for a while again. I lost weight, gained it, lost it…its an up and down cycle at the moment. I stopped my yoga practices and light workouts and locked myself up again.

I tried to justify it all by telling myself I was working on a way to bring out my new project that I’ve been working really hard on for a while now. I told myself between that and starting a new course online was just taking up too much time to do much else. Then this year the Coronavirus pandemic hit us and… things just seem more complicated. But it has also eliminated my biggest focus/excuse as to why I’ve been distance from my blog.

With my project being placed on hold again, I have no choice but to finally fess up to myself and admit that I’ve been procrastinating and neglecting my blog because mentally I wasn’t in a good place for it. I’m not entirely sure I am now but I know I’m ready to stop neglecting my blog, to stop letting all the bad win and just push through it.

I’m ready for Littletinkablee to return back to the way it was.

LittleTinkablee in her natural habitat

I know I have let a lot of things pile up, I’ve neglected a lot of emails, messages, requests and opportunities but I’ll be slowly but surely working my way through all of that until I’m caught up with everything. But beside the overload of work I’ve got to get through and organise (not my strong suit ) I’m ready excited and ready for LittleTinkablee to return.

Despite the scare that has hit the nations, I’m happy to say that I’ve been keeping relatively calm about the entire situation. I’ve locked myself away, reducing myself to taking pictures from all the windows, I’ve started my yoga back up and other than focusing on my blog again and on my online course work I’ve decided to start a new – temporary – project that I can’t wait to share with everyone.

I understand these are hard, scary and uncertain times for us all right now and it can be hard to see any good through the panic but we’re all strong resilient beings and as long as we keep our distance, stay inside whenever we can, and try to keep a positive head about us, we’ll all get through this and tackle head on what comes next.

Wash your hands before and after entering any building, don’t touch your face and remember the quicker we all listen and stay inside…the sooner we can all go back to being able to see our families, friends and get life starting back up again.

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