Help Save SCCYP (St Cyril’s Children’s and Youth Project)

SCCYP was set up in 1992 by Sister Mary Goretti in St Cyril’s Parish Church to provide positive activities and opportunities for local children as there was a severe lack of local facilities. Sister Mary Goretti wanted to help children and young people develop and learn through a variety of play opportunities and we continue to do this through to the present time. We were successful in securing 3 yrs lottery funding in 1999 and since then have proven to be sustainable by continuing to raise funds from a wide variety of trusts / organisations to continue our much needed service.

SCCYP is managed by a voluntary committee and run by 1 full time Coordinator, 1 part time Play Leader, 1 part time Play worker and much needed volunteer play workers

Over the years SCCYP has become more than just a charity to our little community, it has become a family, a family that has done more good than they are given credit for.

For year SCCYP has provided many supervised activities including football, dance, art and crafts, languages, and swimming lessons. Not only that but they offer volunteering to adults and young people which helps them gain extra skills, experience and has often lead to jobs in childcare. SCCYP has also provided our community children educational workshops and day stops during the holidays to exciting and fun places.

All staff and volunteers have enhanced CRB checks

Right now, SCCYP is in fear of having to close their doors on their community, they are in fear of having to close the door on their family due to lack of funding. Like many charities/businesses through this pandemic, SCCYP has been hit hard with lack of funding, forcing employee’s to question the future of SCCYP.

SCCYP works hard to assure that they are able to provide the correct needs to all their children that attend – from ages 6 to 13 and offer part time/ full time volunteering to young people that have led to future jobs and added skills.

The staff of SCCYP are just simply incredible selfless people who during the pandemic SCCYP staff and volunteers have worked with local community to provide not only food parcels to the vulnerable and shielding but play packs for local children. SCCYP have not been able to secure the funding needed, just as many businesses/charity, funding streams have been hit hard.

Due to this we are relaying on the kindness of the public, of anyone who has before attend SCCYP or an after-school club like it, or just anyone who is able and willing to help out. We understand just how tough times are, but greatly appreciate any donate you are able to give. If you are unable to donate but want to help out then please share this, share their GoFundMePage and help us spread the word.

There has been a GoFundMePage created in the hopes of keeping SCCYP open, so if you would like to help out, if you have anything you can spare please check out the page and think about donating. And again, A Share is just as valued as any donations so please, please, share.

For more information about SCCYP check out their website!


3 thoughts on “Help Save SCCYP (St Cyril’s Children’s and Youth Project)

    1. Thank you so much💖 it really is a good cause. The children that attend have come to think of it as a second home. Their family. It’d be devastating on our community if they had to close down😥
      We well and truly appreciate your support and donation! ❤️ Xx

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