Resilience – Youth Mental Health Day – Charity Stem4 – 2020

Youth Mental Health Day is an awareness day that was established by an incredible charity called – Stem4, who aid teenagers and young adults in building a more positive mental health.

Stem4 aims to encourage understanding and awareness in ALL people but specifically aims their resources towards young people.

Today is the first youth mental health awareness day and today is focused on building resilience by bouncing back from challenges, no matter how big or small.

Stem4 campaign focuses on helping others to understand that anybody, however successful or seemly popular/happy they may appear at first glance, face hard challenges and can struggle with mental health. But no matter the challenges you are facing, you can always bounce back by finding a strategy/coping mechanism that suits and helps you.

Ever since our world was plagued by COVID-19, our need for resilience and finding the ability to bounce back has never felt greater or more important.

If you’d like to find out more about Stem4 and the amazing work they do why not head over to their website:

Stem4 can provide you with the resources you need/ may be looking for as well as free apps for young people to help encourage good mental health. Not only that, but Stem4 also aims to help and provide resources to those supporting young people including; Parents & Carers, education professionals, School Nurses and GPs.

Stem4 offers a wide range of help and resources, so if you or someone you know is struggling, why not check their website out? You never know what you are going to find until you go look.

Author: littleTinkablee

Hi!🤗 I'm Tinka, the author to this crazy messy blog! I have passions for many things in life including helping others when I can, writing, taking photo's, animals, the outdoors and so much more! Unfortunately, I have suffered from severe anxiety for over 6 years as well as other mental health illnesses which can really hinder and obscure my path to a better future. But after years of being locked away, I'm ready to fight back, I'm ready to do all it takes to break out of this cycle that my mental illnesses have help cause. I'm ready to break away from all my unhealthy habits and away from all the mental blocks I have. For me, the start of breaking out of my bad cycle was to start this Blog in 2019 in the hopes of taking myself out of my comfort zone and getting myself out into the world more (even if it is via the internet). I document my ups and downs with my mental illnesses, as well as some of my daily going on and lifestyle tips. I like to believe there is a little something of everything to read on my blog and I do try to cater to a wide range audience so as not to limit my blog. I want to thank you all for the support you have and continue to show me and my blog! And as always I hope that you can take something good way from reading my blog

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