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Welcome to Little TInkablee, my first ever blog!

Hi, There!

Welcome to Littletinkablee, my little blog.

Monday 4th February 2019 my blog became public to everyone on the internet. When starting Littletinkablee, I started this blog up with a few things in mind.

A little About LittleTinkablee

One of the reason I started this blog up was to have a small piece of the internet that I could call my own, where I could share my thoughts, my passions, my rises, falls, and all the crazy in between. A place where I could document my journey through life.

Another reason for starting up Littletinkablee was to use this blog as a kind of tool to help push me away from my comfort zone and interact with more people. And since starting this blog I have to say that I have interacted with some incredible people, even made a few friends from this and put myself out there more.

I, like many others, suffer from mental health. I’m currently in recovery and battling an eating disorder on top of trying to push myself to over come my sever long-term anxiety disorder that has left me house bound for years…until now. My desire for creating Littletinkablee was to be able to draw me out of my isolated bubble that was created through bad mental health, and physical health. I’m battling other disorders, other demons and I’m hoping that my blog can help inspire other’s to keep battling and overcoming their’s as well, no matter how hard the struggle. My ambition is to help other’s in chasing their dream, to never give up or give in. That despite our mental disorders, we can achieve the dreams we want, even if it means battling with ourselves every day.

I hope that through watching my journey, the good, the bad and all the messy bits in between that it will help inspire other’s to do the same, no matter how terrifying it can be.

LittleTinkablee has not only become a personal journal for me but it has embellished into a personal project that I get to share with others! Through posting on Littletinkablee I’m hoping to be able to spread positivity, fun, inspiration, facts and help to those who are seeking it out.

What do I post about?

Well, to be honest I don’t have a specific genre for my blog. I like to post about a wide variety of subjects that I relate to or going through and hope that others can relate to some of the things I do also. Here are some of the subjects you will find scrolling through Littletinkablee:

  • Pet/Animal Posts
  • Book Reviews
  • Author Reviews
  • Book Cover reveals
  • Product Reviews
  • Lifestyle Posts
  • Poetry
  • Creative Writing posts
  • Recovery posts
  • Eating disorder posts
  • Awareness posts for wide variety of subjects
  • Anxiety posts
  • Collaborations
  • Amateur photography
  • Yoga posts
  • Mental Health posts
  • Personal Posts/journal entries/ thought posts

I have a lot of hope, a lot of dreams and expectations for Littletinkablee.

I hope that you all enjoy your time on Littletinkablee, I hope that my blog can/has helped you in some way or has given you inspiration.

If you have any reviews, collaborations or enquires of any kind then please do not hesitate to contact me using my contact Page or simply Email me at: Littletinkableereviews@gmail.com

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