About Me

Welcome to Little TInkablee, my first ever blog!

I’ve created this blog on WordPress as a way to share and spread some positivity into other people’s life. I also suffer from crippling & sever Anxiety and thought this would be the perfect opportunity (for me) to come out of my “sell” a little and put myself out there more.

If Yoga, Book related things, Cats (animals in general!), self-discovery, Recovery, Mental Health related posts, DIY, Amateur photography, Writing and everything in between is something that interests you then #Littletinkablee is the place for you.

I spend a lot of my spare time reading novels/books and writing my own short novels/stories. I’m currently “Writing” my dream and I’m in the process of writing my own novel in the hopes of achieving an 8-year-old little girl’s dream of becoming her own author. I’m really excited about this part of my new journey & hope to connect with other authors/ aspiring authors.

I have also been taking steps into achieving another goal of mine, becoming a counsellor and although my dream is slow approaching and I still have a lot of work on myself to do still too, I’m doing everything I can to ensure that I am able to help others to the very best of my abilities.

I’m also a HUGE yoga enthusiast and spend my mornings and late evenings doing yoga and spiritual healing and even do a little yoga with my little sister who is currently suffering with scoliosis and is now on bed rest after having her surgery. She’s my mini inspiration.

I love to create crazy & fun things and plan on selling my creations soon as well as selling my own line of “Little Tinkablee’s Anxiety Candles.” I have always loved candles and find them to be really calming & relaxing. My anxiety is actually the reason behind why I want to start making and selling candles, they have helped me so much during some very anxious/bad moments and it then inspired me to dedicate my candles to those who need help unwinding and relaxing/calming. I want my candles to help soothe and calm the body, mind and soul.

I’m a avid bookholic and chocohlic cat owner who probably needs to go to a Notebook-Anonymous with the piling number of notebooks/journals I currently own. Personally, I feel you can never have one too many books to read around the home and never enough notebooks to jot ideas down into! I started writing journals the day my mum bought me my first one when I was a little girl and I fell in love with writing and jotting things down since.

I’m a big believer that all things happen for a reason and share my love for weird things, crazy conversation and peaceful nature walks with my significant other of six years. I also have three cats (two rescue cats) Kitt-Katt, Oreo and Bear. And a love for watching the sky turn pretty colours/patterns.

I love to make memories and then take pictures of them. My friends would tell you it’s an obsession, taking so many pictures (in their opinions) of things that aren’t important or consider “picture worthy” but I tell them it’s simply back up. Back up memories for the days when my brain can’t do the remembering, the moments that get lost by being too caught up in said moment.

I really hope that this has given you a little insight on me and the outcomes and future goals of my blog. And I hope that I can help inspire others that recovery IS possible, mental health won’t always rule your life and that chasing your dream is possible and although at times hard and scary, it’s also incredibly rewarding and freeing.

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