Author: littleTinkablee

Welcome to LittleTinkablee! A small corner of the internet that I can call mine. I am a young passionate writer currently 'Writing' my dreams of becoming an author while also pursuing my other dream of becoming a therapist someday. I started this blog last year for MANY reasons however I suppose the biggest reason was to help push myself while also filling that need of wanting to help people (something I found difficult to do, especially when your own mind can trap you and prevent you from leaving your house most days). My blog talks and opens up about a wide range of subjects and I believe that there is a little something of everything for everyone on my blog. I share a lot of my personal experiences/journey's and talks a lot about mental health for both humans and animals. I hope that you find joy, information or even a friend here at LittleTinkablee. And as always thank you for viewing my blog!