Book Review Policy

Hi, there!

If you are on this page, then that must mean that you are thinking about choosing me to review your book/novel. Which is fantastic news and I want to thank you so much for the opportunity! But I want to make sure I am offering you the services you want, more importantly I want to make sure that I’m not wasting either of our time and so before making a decision I do ask that you review my ‘Book reviewing policy’ before contacting me.

I want us both to have a great experience!

I also love doing author interview’s and so if you haven’t requested one, I may do so as I believe it helps my viewers get to know the author more, which hopefully in turn attracts them more to your book.

Here are the formats I accept:

  • ARC
    • epub
      • PDF
        • Kindle
          • Physical copies

Genres I accept:

  • Short Stories
    • Romance
      • Realistic fiction
        • Mythology
          • Mystery
            • Magical realism
              • Horror
            • Historical fiction
          • Fantasy
        • Fairy Tale
      • Self-help books
    • Poetry

I AM currently taking request however I may deny one due to:

  • If I already have too many deadlines that month for book/novel reviews.
  • If it’s not in a format I can read from
  • If I am uninterested in the book, the synopsis just doesn’t appeal to me for whatever reason.
  • I don’t want to accept a book I might not read because a) It’s in format (unfortunately my memory is terrible and they often get forgotten about due to the kindle copies/physical copies I receive. I don’t intentionally do this and try my best to assure this doesn’t happen, but sometimes I slip up…). b) Someone else might like it. enjoy the book a lot more than me. C) Id you’re an indie author, printing books is expensive and I don’t want to accept books I might not read as I’m aware they aren’t cheap to print!

About my writing style

I believe in complete honesty when writing a review, and so I do say please keep that in mind when asking me to review your books as I will not run the review by you or change any parts to my thoughts on your book/novel. I won’t mislead my viewers that way. I do usually keep all my reviews light and breezy, while being completely honest. – I haven’t yet come across a book I haven’t liked.

My intentions are never to upset anyone once I have written a review, I only look to help promote other authors and help my viewers find new and incredible page turning books to read.

I do try and base my review on both the novel/book and the writing style of the author, as I want to give the entire thing a fair and honest review.

I am quite new to all of this still and I am still figuring out my own writing style however you can read my first review and my latest review below:

My first review: Heavenward by Olga Gibbs

My recent review: Blood Awakens by Jessaca Willis

I hope that this has helped you in making a decision and if you have still decided that my services are what you are looking for (which is great by the way ) then please click the button below to be directed to my contact page.

And thank you so much for thinking about choosing me to review your book. I’m truly honoured by each author who allows me to read/review their works.

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