My Review Policy's for Creators, Businesses and Authors

Whether I am reviewing a book, an artist or writers work or any other kind of product, I believe in nothing but complete honesty. The last thing I am looking to do is mislead any of my readers/viewers in anyway. So before selecting me to review your product/ Item I implore that you understand my policy’s and respect that I will politely decline a item/product if it doesn’t fit into my blog and what I do here on my blog. I also ask that you respect that I may decline a product/item if I am over whelmed by other pressing deadlines and responsibilities.

How I will review your product/Item:

Before I agree to anything I will ALWAYS ask to try the product before reviewing or giving my recommendation to my readers/viewers.

I am a enthused amateur photographer and will provide high quality photo’s when review your product/item. I do ask that you not use my any of my photo’s without asking permission first as the photo’s I take for my blog and for reviews are/will be copyrighted.

When reviewing your product/item I will include a description, including links to your shop/business as well as any social media links you provide me. I will then write my honest experience, thoughts and feelings whilst testing your products/items.

After that I will then schedule a time and date for the review to go live on my blog ‘’ and inform you when the review is complete and when it will be published onto my site.

I would also like to state that I share all my review on all my social media platforms and will also tag your social media handles in the posts as well as using any hashtags you request.

I keep my reviews in a neat and timely manner but ask that you keep in mind that I do hold other responsibilities and commitments that may delay me from testing and reviewing your product however that is something I will discuss privately with you should that happen.

If you are happy with my review policy’s and you are still considering me for reviewing your products then please, feel free to contact me HERE.

How I will Review your: Novels/Books

If you are on this page, then that must mean that you are thinking about choosing me to review your book/novel. Which is fantastic news and I want to thank you so much for the opportunity! But I want to make sure I am offering you the services you want, more importantly I want to make sure that I’m not wasting either of our time and so before making a decision I do ask that you review my ‘Book reviewing policy’ before contacting me.

When requesting me to read and review your book I ask that you keep in mind that books that are sent to me in their physical copy or through kindle are more than likely to be reviewed first as I do find it easier to read.

About My Writing Style:

I believe in complete honesty when writing a review, and I ask that you also keep this in mind when choosing me to write your review. I will NOT under any circumstances lie or mislead my readers/viewers in anyway. change any parts to my thoughts on your book/novel. I won’t mislead my viewers that way. I do usually keep all my reviews light and breezy, while being completely honest but if I find fault or if it wasn’t to my taste then I wont hide that in my review.

My intentions are never to upset anyone once I have written a review, I only look to help promote other authors and help my viewers find new and incredible page turning books to read.

My review will be broken up into parts.

Firstly I will give my star rating at the top of the review, writing out the books blurb for my viewers to read.

I will then dive into a short (no spoiler) description of the books story line, scene and characters. Again, there will be no spoilers and the descriptions will be vague while intriguing for my viewers to read.

Lastly, I will dive into my thoughts about your novel.

Next –

I will Add a link to buy your book and also add your author photo, Author Bio and any links/social media handles and Hashtags you would like me to include.

Here are the formats I accept:

  • ARC
    • epub
      • PDF
        • Kindle
          • Physical copies

Here are the Genres I Accept:

  • Romance
    • Realistic fiction
      • Mythology
        • Mystery
          • Magical realism
            • Horror
            • Historical fiction
          • Fantasy
        • Fairy Tale
      • Self-help books
    • Poetry
  • Short-Stories

You can get a taste for my review progress by checking out my first book review from 2019 -which also happens to be my first EVER book review I wrote – and my last one book review from 2019.

My first review from 2019: Heavenward by Olga Gibbs

My last review from 2019: Blood Awakens by Jessaca Willis

If my policy’s meets your standard then you can contact me through my contact page.

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