Linziclip – Hair Clip – Review

firstly I would just like to apologise for the lack of pictures I have to share with you. Most of my pictures have been save onto my old laptop which I am in the middle of getting fix, so all the pictures I took will have to wait a little while before I can share them with you all on this post.

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Linzieclips review

A while a go I was gifted some very beautiful looking hair clamps in return for n honest review and was instantly fascinated by them!

About LinziClip

The  Linziclip hair accessory was created by Lindsey walker & Shelley-Anne Salisbury to overcome all the problems with the old style claw clip. Lindsey & Shelley met at a party just over 10 years ago. they got chatting (as you do) and had a eureka moment. they spent the next year working on various designs to eliminate the painful teeth, unsightly springs and protruding ears of the claw clip and after (way too many) coffees and late nights the Linziclip was born. Well, to be exact, the linziclip started off its life as the inside cardboard tube of a toilet roll which Lindsey & Shelley cut up reassembled and sprayed with silver paint – but the concept was there ! The next part of the linziclip journey was to find a manufacturer which meant a trek to India (a whole other story!). then Lindsey & Shelley  hot footed it around the globe securing distribution. Needless to say Lindsey & Shelley are now a well travelled pair!

Linziclips review - hair clips - clamps - hair clamps - mermaid - hair brush - colourful - stylish - beauty blogger - lifestyle blogger - hair accessories -PR - Product Review
linziclips mini clips

from those early beginnings the linziclip has gone from strength to strength and is now sold in over 17 countries. Apart from the basic black and tortoiseshell Linziclips are available in loads of catwalk inspired colours and patterns. Have a browse on our linziclip online shop. A  fab hair day is just a  click away !

My thoughts and experience with Linziclips

I won’t lie to you, I NEVER wear hair clips for the simply fact that my hair won’t let me. My hair has a mind of it’s on, it takes on a life of it’s own sometimes, and due to the thickness, the length and craziness that is my hair, hair clips just never stay in. Or they break…like my hair bobbles.

So buying hair clips have always been a wast of money…until now.

I honestly didn’t have much hopes for these clips for myself (my plan was to get my younger sisters to try them out as they have thinner and shorter hair than me ) but wanted to give Linziclips a benefit of the doubt. After all, they were claiming to have changed the hair clamp/clip game!

So, I guess you are all wondering, are they as good as they claim to be?


In my opinion and experience of using these hair clips for some time now (I’m wearing two today!).

Linzieclips review - hair clips - clamps - hair clamps - mermaid - hair brush - colourful - stylish - beauty blogger - lifestyle blogger - hair accessories -PR - Product Review

The way Linziclips have design such beautiful an stylish claw clips, made for all hair types! These are not like the traditional ones that kept breaking, snapping or falling out of my hair with in minutes of having it in my hair.

With an amazing flat back and flat teeth that helps create a comfortable fit when placing it in my hair, there’s no tugging, pulling, falling or digging into the scalp. There is nothing I hate more (other than when they break on me) is when my hair accessories is giving me pains in anyway or is making me feel uncomfortable.

Linziclips offers you that tight and secure grip but without any of the pain! As well as a wide rage of style, sizes and colours. Linziclips are great for adult and children hair and even have a kids section so you and your mini you can rock the same stylish clips!

How To Wear Linziclips

a) squeeze the “ears” to open your linziclip
b) insert one side of the “teeth” into your hair guiding the opposite teeth over to the other side
c) once in place squeeze both sides of your linziclip closed so it’s secure and you have a firm but comfortable grip. to remove simply squeeze both ears to open.

Here are a few quick pictures I was able to take (I’ll be up loading all the original pictures I ha for this post next week!)

If you would like to check out their website then click here!

Otherwise you can also purchase your very own Linziclips over at Amazon by clicking here.

I hope you have enjoyed reading today review, and don’t forget to check back in for the more “professional” photo’s I originally had planned for this post.

I hope you all have a great Monday and a incredible week!

Yandra’s ‘Rose Simple’ Syrup

This post is late in coming and I deeply apologise for that however I feel it was worth the wait as it allowed me more time to try this product out longer and give a better review on it.

syrup - tea - tea lovers - tea syrup - sweet tooth
Yandra – Rose syrup

As well as offering you high quality teas, Yandra has now introduced an all new 100% all nature and vegan friendly ‘Rose Syrup’! and I was lucky enough to be gifted an amazon voucher from @YandraTea in return I would use that voucher to purchase their tea syrup, test it out and give an honest review on it. When I checked out on amazon I was greeted to a beautiful 400ml bottle wrapped in purple, called, ‘Rose Syrup Natural ‘ on amazon that instantly made me want to try it out! (I’m a sucker for the colour purple).

400ml bottle of Rose Simple Syrup by Yandra
400ml bottle of Rose Simple Syrup by Yandra

Tea syrup is definitely a new thing for me, I love my tea (though I much prefer my traditional Tetley tea ) I don’t mind a mix up now and again, and having syrup in my tea was definitely a mix up for me!

About – Yandra Tea

A Tea Love Story 

Yandra Tea Company is a luxury premium brand. Our exquisite tea varieties are environmentally and sustainably sourced in partnership with the very best single tea estates throughout Europe, China, Sri Lanka, India & Japan.

Yandra Tea Company was born with the desire to be mindful of our connection to the earth – to live consciously, respect nature’s resources and our land that provides for us. On our Farm located on the river banks of the Danube in the South East of Romania, we harvest and dry the most exquisite, perfect rose buds to make our delicate, aromatic rose bud tea and produce 100% Natural Rose Syrup to my grandma’s secret recipe from our fresh roses. Lovingly made using traditional secret family recipes, we were inspired to bring our organic products to market.

Driven by these principles, our Tea Sommeliers are constantly sourcing and tasting hundreds of new tea harvests, herbs and fruits. Then we carefully select to create the most special flavours for you to enjoy whether it will be one of our signature limited edition teas or exclusive seasonal blends. Our iconic handcrafted teas are a compelling choice for all tea drinkers looking for an unforgettable authentic experience of this finest quality noble beverage. Let us take you on a journey of enjoyment.

syrup - tea - tea lovers - tea syrup - sweet tooth
Yandra – Rose syrup

We have an active charity programme supporting education in developing countries. Yandra Tea Company was founded with the core ethos of giving back and to help communities beat poverty and inequality.

In a unique collaboration with several young artists, Yandra Tea Company supports ‘Art meets Tea’ – an inspirational and expressive collection of artisan packaging based on contemporary art celebration.

On the back of the box it explain that you can add this syrup into your tea or into sparkling water, so I thought I would give both a try. I thought I would try Rose Simple Syrup with plain Soda Water, Peach Flavoured Sparkling Water and Early Grey Tea. I also used the help of my younger sister (who is a bigger tea fan than I am) to try this syrup out with me and here is what we had to say:

My Thoughts

I won’t lie I was slightly apprehensive when trying this syrup out, the smell for me wasn’t pleasant and it did put me off it slightly. Because of the smell I decided to use it in my sister’s Earl Grey tea which has a malty, lemony taste to it that I thought would compliment the Rose Simple syrup

And I was right! When adding a tea spoon or two of ‘Rose Simple’ syrup into my my Early Grey flavoured tea, something magical happened in my mouth and made my tea taste a little sweeter. I didn’t even need to add sugar with my tea after adding Yandra Tea syrup in!

The syrup it’s self smells like fresh roses accompined by rich, deep and darken colour. I also got to try it on some Ice cream and a few other deserts and it went perfectly! It’s that little extra thing you are missing in your deserts. Despite what you may think upon looking at this tantalising and beautiful syrup colour,but this is all 100% natural meaning that no artificial colouring was added nor was it needed! (more pictures coming soon).

Although their recipe is a family secret, they do offer up a small list of ingredient that is does contain such as:

Damask Rose petals
and a Dash of lemon

To get your hands on your own bottle of this delouse syrup click the link at the bottom to be directed to amazons site to buy your own for £9.99 or CLICK HERE to be directed to their site.

Click here to buy yours from AMAZON

Coffee Candle Collection – Review

The other day I had received some rather beautiful looking candles from All-Candles Wholesales and I have to say that I have fallen in love with them.

Three beautifully shaped and carved candles with three different coffee colour shades and sizes. I was so pleased to see that the candles had coffee related words elegantly craved into them such as, ‘coffee’, ‘milk’ and ‘Latte’, that I really didn’t want to take it out of it’s packaging, forever instilling it as it is, three very pretty candles.

Candle Wholesale & online store features organic materials with a wide range of choice of styles and designs, and is also offering free samples to selected lifestyle bloggers to review, two times a week on Wednesdays and Fridays.

I was very quickly drawn to their coffee candles collection having a major coffee addiction at one point (I’ve considerately cut down on coffee now). It also goes really lovely with the new wallpaper job I’ve done the other week in the living-room with my boyfriend.

One of the candles did arrive a little damage (pictures below) however they clearly state in the little form they send over with the candles, ‘If the item has arrived faulty or damaged please, email us, with a picture of the broke item and we will get the issue resolved in no time’. Now given that these were given to me for free I really didn’t feel the need to contact them to have it replaced but if you receive any of your items damaged you can get the issue resolved.

One is a D/7cm x H/ 18cm dark chocolate brown colour that reminds me of chocolate coffee (if you like chocolate and like coffee then this is one coffee you NEED to try out).

The second one is a D/7cm x H/14cm really light and creamy colour that reminds me of an overly creamed coffee.

And lastly, the small of the three, D/7cm x H/10cm with a lighter colour brown to it instantly reminding me of a toffee coffee.

All three candles have coffee related words beautifully carved into as well as a lovely colouring to them. I have burned each one to test how they melted and was really happy with them melting evenly and without a problem. However I did have one issue with the candles flame being a little bigger than expected and so if you do decide to burn these candles instead of keeping them up as decoration as I plan to then you are going to want to burn them on a windowsill, away from walls or away from anything flammable.

Prices ranges from £1.85 being the lowest price I could see to £21.55 being the highest with your choices of Pillar, church style & wick pillar, scented, Miscellaneous, decorative & dinner tapered candles.
Delivering candles quickly and cost-effectively to anywhere in England, Wales, Scotland and other EU Countries.

Over all I was rather happy and pleased with the candles and totally recommend anyone who runs a business that needs candles or supplies on a regular basis such as, a wedding planner, florist, restaurant, coffee shop, etc.

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