Pusheen on Tour – Liverpool – Worlds Apart

I just want to say before we get into today’s new post that I know that I have been a little absent lately and I do apologise for that, but I’m back with new content, a new giveaway on the way and a exciting announcement on the way! I would also like to thank you all for your patience and your support but more importantly I want to thank the people amazing people who have helped and continued supporting me from the very start and still continue to do so now. I have a special post coming up soon dedicated to those few amazing people.

Teddie - Pusheen - Pusheen on tour - Wolrds Apart
Pusheen on Tour, Worlds Apart, 15th June 2019

On 15th June 2019 me and my younger sister Courtney took our other much younger sister – Cait – out to town for one of her early 16th birthday gifts. Our little sister is OBSESSED with anything related to pusheen and when my sister came across the ‘Pusheen on Tour’ and had seen they were making their way to Liverpool she contacted me and asked if it was something I wanted to take our little sister too.

My sister is aware of how bad my anxiety is (as she suffers – but handles it more like a warrior than I do – with anxiety too) and knows that I need time in advance to work myself up to leaving the house and going out somewhere so public and busy with people.

Going to this Pusheen tour even was a little push for all of us but I would have to say it was more of a push for our younger sister as she suffers from Autism and Asperger on a high scale, being around so many people and so far from home, so far from our mum is always a massive challenge for her.

Whats more is that Courtney wanted it to be surprise for our sister (our sister is great with surprises…unless it involves going somewhere, then she likes to know exactly where she is going, what it looks like, how long it will take to get there, what transport she would have be on…like me she needs to know EVERYTHING) Which I was a little unsure about but went along with anyway because I know how much she loved Pusheen and the distraction of the event may help in lessening her worry about being somewhere.

Eventually though we did have to shed a little light on her surprise and warn her that we would be out and about for this, so she had some time to prepare herself.

On, Saturday 15th June, we all woke ourselves up. Bleary eyed and sleepy headed, we got ready for an early day an left the house at 8:30am to make it a little early for the opening time which was 9:30am.

The bus ride there was long but quiet which was nice, I could see the excitement on my sister’s face even behind her tired look. We stood in line for around 20 – 30 minutes before they opened their doors to use (They opened me 10-15 minutes past 9:30am). They wait wasn’t so bad, we had made it with a enough time to be somewhat at the front of the line, it really didn’t take long for that line to grow once we had made it there. There were a lot of anxious and excited Pusheen fans waiting to get their free candy floss and discounted items.

I was slightly disappointed once we made it through the doors as the area they had dedicated to the Pusheen tour was very small and cramped, I don’t feel as though enough effort was put into the lay out of where they were going to have their customers engage and look at things. There were defiantly a few items along the back of the wall NEXT to the Pusheen tour items that could have be taken to the back, for the day without it affecting any of their normal purchase.

Other than the MAJOR lack of space which didn’t bond well for any of us, the staff were amazing, friendly and down right lovely to be around, they had some amazing items around us to buy. Not to mention that we were given free goody bags as we walked through the door which held Pusheen related items in them!

We didn’t stay long due to the over crowding, people were finding it difficult to get in and out, to decorate a cookie, to get their free candy floss and it was even too cramped to pick up items and purchase them. However we were able to have a look at what they had around and Cait was even able to pick out a few things.

After buying her items I told Courtney to wait for us by the door as I went back to take our receipt back to the woman that was handling the raffle (if you took back your receipt after buying something, you were able to join in the free raffle), we didn’t win anything from that but I was able to get the girls their free candy floss before leaving the building and continuing on with our day.

Worlds Apart - Pusheen Tour - Pusheen on Tour - Sisters - Candy floss - free candy floss
Courtney and Cait with their free Candy Floss outside ‘Worlds Apart’.

Because of house quick it felt like we were there and with how early we had left the house, we decided to pop into a few shops, buy some new clothes, a few items before going for something to eat.

We ended up in Taco bell (the first time I had been in there) where the girls had some tacos, wrap and cheesy chips and I just had some cheesy chips. I have to say that I really enjoyed their cheesy chips, a lot, but didn’t get through many of them. We watched an old woman feeding pigeons and seagulls as we ate our food and talked about where to go or what to do next.

We ended up going to Lush after grabbing a bite to eat and I have to say that I love it inside! You could SMELL the Lush shop before you even got to it, and upon entertaining in, it’s like you’ve entered a mythical land of colours and strong scents. I didn’t Find anything on the bottom floor, though the girls did find one corner of the shop they liked…

The second floor was where I fell in love, but more than anything I fell in love with the scent on the Dragon Egg Bath bomb, I could live in that scent all day!

Lush Bath Bombs
My Lush Bath Bomb purchases

I also found a really beautiful and colourful INTERGALACTIC Bath Bomb, while Courtney had fallen in love with the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb. I also love the staff that are working there, who are just so friendly. The woman I had checking out my items was exceptionally lovely, I was even able to have a comfortable little chat with her and she guessed my accent first go! That’s the first time anyone has guess my accent first go.

All in all, we had a wonderful sisterly day were our anxiety didn’t win over us, we had fun, we enjoyed ourselves and made it home all very tired but all very happy.

I didn’t end up getting the free cotton candy from the Pusheen On Tour event (though I’m a little glad because the girls didn’t like it, it was too thick and almost chewy, it didn’t melt the way cotton candy is meant to) however I did buy myself, my own personal stash of cotton candy that I just love, love, love!

Dr pepper Cotton Candy
Dr Pepper, Cotton Candy

Guys never let your fears, your mental health or mental illnesses stop you from doing anything that you want, don’t let it prevent you from attending events, chasing a dream of yours or from doing something that makes you smile or happy.

There will be days that it will win over us, but the more we fight back, the more days we will win over them! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and please if you have any questions, problems or requests please feel free contact me here:

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Starting Yoga

I originally looked into and started yoga last year in February. I had heard so many great things about yoga, had watch documentaries on it changing people’s lives, helping those who have been through some sort of accident that has left them in pain and unable to move as they once had. About how it’s restored people confidence in themselves.

I had also been following a really amazing and inspirational woman @Charity.grace on Instagram for a few years. Charity Grave is a certified make up artist and fitness enthusiast who is best known for her all her make up and hair tutorials on YouTube, she also shares her yoga practice and poses with her children.

Watching her Instagram and YouTube videos had really inspired me to take up yoga as well as a healthier life style and a lot of my yoga inspiration flows from her.

Now when I got into yoga I went into with one goal in mind, strength. But being so low in weight and energy I needed somewhere to begin. Something that wasn’t too physically demanding and easy on the body.

Upon doing a little research I came across Iyengar Yoga. Founded by B.K.S Iyengar and focuses on three aspects: alignment, sequencing and timing. Some of the benefits I had read where:

  • Improve physical and psychological health
  • Alleviate postural/structural problems
  • Release emotional tension
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Increase your energy
  • Reconnect with your body and breath
  • Bring intelligence and clarity to all parts of the body and mind.

It’s great for everyone! Beginners and intermediate/advance students. I also read that it can be really good for those with injuries and need to work slowly and methodically.

Iyengar yoga’s attention to alignment and use of props to help you into the poses means that it is ideal for beginners to gain optimal alignment and it can be really therapeutic for people with postural issues.

The first year, I didn’t really take it very seriously, I won’t lie. I have never, ever had any motivation what so ever for any kind of excise. The only thing I enjoy doing in the terms of that is taking really long walks.. that’s it. So it did take me a while to get into and to notice any benefits it was providing me.

I’m not really one to take much notice of myself, it was one of the main reasons I had let my health get so low and so I didn’t start to notice anything until my family and friends spoke up and told me what they had notice. It still took me a little time to really notice anything still as I really am sceptical of anything that can help me. But when I did… it was probably one of the best feelings in the world. This was something that could actually work and help me.

So, I did EVENTUALLY notice the difference in myself, I had an appetite in the first time since I was probably a teenager, I was starting to get more energy to do things, move things and do a longer yoga practice. I went from doing 10 minutes of yoga maybe two-three times a week to doing 20 minutes and then half hour.

My main benefits have shown this year as I’ve started to take it more seriously and put a lot more work, a lot more research, time and practice into it. I still do Iyengar Yoga practise everyday (though I have stopped using my props – but I’m going to be bringing them back into my practice soon I think) but I have started to expand my yoga and I’ve started doing Restorative, Kundalini and Yin Yoga.

My little sister has decided to join me on my yoga journey this year after finding out that she’ll be needing a surgery for her scoliosis and I think with my sister doing yoga and all the talk I give my mum and other sisters about it, they too might be joining us on our yoga journey!

Here is a small list of a few yoga YouTube videos that I watch while doing yoga at home:

I’ll soon be doing a post on the different types of yoga out there available to you! As well as the benefits they can bring. I hoped you enjoyed reading today’s post!

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

So Today marks International Women’s Day. This is a day celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day where women are recognised for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. The Charter of the United Nations, signed in 1945, was the first international agreement to affirm the principle of equality between women and men.

Since then women have come a long, long way from where we were then. We have a lot more freedom although there still seem to be so many obstacles in the way, when looking back i’m slightly stunned by what we as women have achieved. In honour of International Women’s Day I thought I’d write a post on inspirational women. Now there is without a doubt countless of inspirational women out there but for me my inspiration is drawn from my mother and younger sisters.

My mum has forever been the one person I know I can relay on, she’s always been there for me. Through the worst decisions of my life to some of the best, she’s pushed me forward when all I wanted to do was step back. She’s manage to be my mum, dad, best friend, protector and therapist all in one go. She’s never once stopped me from doing something I’ve wanted to do, she’s always stood by and supported me through my decisions however good or bad, just giving me advice whenever she could.

I have watched my mum fight some dark demons from past and present and she still continues to fight them to this day, and the amount of respect I have for the strength she always seems to managed to find is almost as much as the love I have for her. I would never trad a single quirky, Gothic, erratic and caring trait of hers. Her imperfections and perfections are what makes her such an amazing mum and I could never ask for a better one, I’ve never needed anything because of her, even when I was blind to that. (Pesky teenage hormones )

I say my sisters are also inspirational women is because although two have yet to make it into ‘womanhood’ they have all been through so much, are going through so much and coming out the other side better than I ever would. The way my sisters just take the bad and shake it off is so… admirable. I have a break down when I can’t find a pair of matching socks!

Not only that but they have also been there for me, when I have been sad and I think I’m hiding that I’m sad I’ll suddenly get a hug out of nowhere, a piece of paper slipped under a door with a drawing. They know what to say what to do to make me smile and I’m so proud of the woman and young girls that they are growing up to be. They don’t see it, or realise just how amazing they are but I know and now the rest of my readers do too!

And they are all so creative and smart! I spent 3 years using the internet, youtube and books I could get my hands on teaching my self to play the keyboard and another two-three learning how to play the piano. But my little sister taught herself how to play twinkle little start in one evening just by using sound! She didn’t search up the keys, the notes or what order to play them she played every single note, listen to every little sound until she made a sound that sounded like Twinkle little Star.

My other sister has self taught drawing, something I too tried at one point but quickly lost all passion for it when I realised I just wasn’t any good at it. But my sister has perfected the art of teaching herself to draw, she has spent many hours drawing and re-drawing the same picture until it looked right to her. She has over come so many things in her life through bullies to unexplained emotions to growing up. She’s put me to shame with her strength and reserve in continuing on no matter how hard things seem.

And then my youngest sister, being through so much already at a young age with medical issues the doctors had told my mum and step dad that my sister would never be able to walk, talk , crawl or be her own person due to complications but at the age of one my sister had them all gobsmacked when she was talking, crawling and learning how to walk! She’s always acted older than her age and I believe my sister has one of those old soul. She’s very academic, she’s so very clever and bright and recently she’s dabbled in art and the practice of yoga.

These women have been there throughout the best and worst of my life, the have stuck by me and have helped me through some pretty bad times and I couldn’t imagine a life where they weren’t who they are now. I’d never change a single thing about them and can only hope that as they get older, as the world keeps turning people too will recognise just how special they are too.

Me and my brother sat with my three younger sisters and my mother on Christmas Eve three years ago.

I hope this opens your eyes to the women around you and the women in your lives and makes you realise what little gift they are to have in your life. Don’t take them for granted, take care in what they say and believe them when they say they care. Women can be your best friend or your worst nightmare its all in how we are treated and how much respect we are shown.

Show us respect and you might be surprised by the out come that will have.