Vogue Parody – 73 Questions

Good morning you beautiful bunch of people!

Today is going to be a good day and you want to know why? Because I’m going to make it so! The sun is shining, shedding light on the dark and heating up the cold, leaving no traces of the rainy night left behind.

So, a while ago I got nominated for ‘the Vogue Parody – 73 Questions post, by the beautiful and strong, Leo, owner of Theanxiousteachtwo.home.blog an amazing blog about Lifestyle, books and mental health and I recommend you check her bog out!

Since then I have allowed personal life to over take my writing, it has set me back a little and through that time I’ve had @Naomi_Inchingfowards @Amy_Mary_J @Ami_T1995 @femenish also nominate me for this! So instead of doing five different posts (I don’t think I could re-answer all 73 questions, my answers would pretty much be the same) I thought I would wrap it all up in one and thank these amazing, supportive and incredible bloggers. So, THANK YOU ALL, SO SO MUCH!

I can’t stress how much you are missing out by not following any of these bloggers, I’d follow them all over again if possible!

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Through this post I will be answering 73 questions and at the end nominating 12 other amazing bloggers to do the same. No need to make any questions up yourself, you just answer the same ones as me.

So, Let’s begin!

What is your usual Starbucks order?

Would you believe me if I told you I have never stepped foot into any Starbucks? Because they’ve always been so popular with people their stores are always too crowded for me, not to mention interacting with someone like that, being in the spotlight while trying to pick my order is more than my anxiety can handle, so I’ve actually never went into one and I’ve never ordered at one.

What does your workstation look like right now?

Try to picture a messy Library or notebook store… I have books, notebooks, pens, paper and half tried ideas everywhere, I suppose it could do with some organising by now.

All time favourite food?

I really don’t have the best relationship with food, I don’t enjoy anything about it and so I can’t say I have a favourite…. expect Pizza? Pizza has been the only thing I can truthfully say is the only thing I’ve ever enjoyed eating. Although, sausages, mash and gravy has always been my hands down favourite

Favourite Author?

Does it have to be just one? Because I’ve always enjoyed books written by:
Lauren Kate
Stephenie Meyer
E. L. James
L. J. Smith
Maggie Stiefvater
(There’s more but honestly, my full answer would probably take over this post 😛 )

What do you think of open relationships?

There is so much I have to say on this topic that I don’t think I can just discus or say here in a short few sentences so I’ll write a blog post based on this in answer to this question.

What is your favourite video game?

I’ve never really been one for games to be honest. When I was younger, sure I loved them as much as the next kid did but by my teens all interest in most games got cut out for me but if I had to pick it would be all the old retro games, all the ones you could get for the PS1. Although my boyfriend has recently started getting me into gaming again…

Guilty Pleasure Treat?

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate fudge Ice-cream!

Favourite Movie?

School Of Rock!

Favourite Book?

That’s a really tough one for me… I don’t think I can pick.

Twitter or Instagram?

I love Instagram for all the photos, it’s honestly the ONLY reason I’m still on there (though I might switch over to Vero instead, I’ve had the account sitting there for years but I’ve not really explored it yet). So I would have to say Twitter. The engagement, the community and support is 1000X better than anywhere else.

Desktop or Laptop?

If we had to be honest? Laptop is easier, more portable but you can never go wrong with PC Desktop.

Best advice you’ve ever recieved?

I believe I had answer this (or a similar question) In this post Sunshinebloggeraward and what I had said was:

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

The best piece of advice I have ever been given has been off my mum, ‘You can’t please everyone, so start with pleasing yourself, even if you think it will displease me. Because at the end of the day you are responsible for your happiness, not for everyone else’s.’

What project are you working on right now?

I actually have quite a few things in work right now, some I can’t reveal as it’s still a secret for now, but these are the one’s I’ve openly spoken about so far:

1. I have a WIP (Work in progress ). I am currently working on my own novel that I hope to one day see published.
2. I’m still working on my Anxiety Candle range that I hope to have released this July (a month earlier than planned).
3. I’m also going to be releasing my own Wax melts and soaps.
4. I’m working/getting ready for next year when I introduce Vlogging to my blogging.
5. My blog is still my biggest work project right now.
6. The rest is a secret…for now.

Favourite Colour?


Did you get good grades at school?

I did fairly well in school, education has never been a problem for me it’s always been socially/mentally. My school work almost suffered for my fear of actually attending school, because I just couldn’t handle being around so many people in such a closed space, but luckily when I was in school I was able to separate thought from feeling, mind from heart. I got done what was needed and then got out as soon as I was let able to .

Dream Job?

Ever since I was little I knew that I wanted to help people. I’ve watch people close to me hurt/struggle, I’ve watched those from afar I’ve never known personally to hurt/struggle and it’s always pained me, it’s always made me want to do something, anything. But I’ve also always loved writing, it’s always been…me? If that makes sense, it’s just the better way I’ve always been able to express myself. I feel like my thoughts come out better and my meanings too when I can get it down on some paper.
1. I want to be a counsellor. I’ve recently applied for a course to help bring me a step closer to my dream.
2. Author. I want to see my book out there one day, I want to see people reading and enjoying my words, my own created little world.
3. I want to be known for selling my candles one day. I’ve always been obsessed with candles an it’s only grown since I’ve started teaching myself to make them.

Played any sports?

I hate sports. The only thing I liked in school was badminton and ice-skating. I’ve only recently just added exercise into my daily routines.

Do you have a degree?




What is your favourite kind of blog post to do?

As hard as they can be, I love doing my mental health post. I love informing others while I’m informing myself, I love helping others discover something new about their mental illness while I am still learning about my own.

What do you like to collect?

…. Almost everything. I’m a little bit of a hoarder, I feel like I’ve gotten better with time and now really only collect; Notebooks, Books, Small items, boxes (I love boxes, you can never have to many for storage) stationary items, Teddies, Unicorn Items… I really like to collect themed items.

Describe yourself in three words.

Ambitious, Creative, Determined (or stubborn, I feel as though they go hand in hand though 😛 )

If you were a rapper, what would your rapper name be?

….LittleTink? Or Jayne Plane or maybe even, Tinkastic T J…. I’m think far too much into something that will never happen!

Who was the last person you Dm’d?

I’m not sure….

What’s on the top of your wish list right now?

A better camera.

Sorting house?

I won’t lie, I had no idea what this was until I just googled sorting house, which then brought me to the: Wizarding World Site who sorted me into the ‘Hufflepuff’ sorting house. So, Pottermore has chosen Hufflepuff to be my sorting house

How many tattoos do you have?

Currently none, however in August for my 22nd I’m going in for my first tattoo, as I’ve FINALLY decided on what kind of tattoo I want and where.

What are you grateful for this year?

The support from my family and friends while starting a blog for the first time this year!

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this month?

This month? Having my talented younger sister dye my hair two colours (I’ve only ever gone and dyed it one, I usually like to keep things simple).

What’s the best thing that’s happen to you today?

The best thing that has happened to me today was, I ordered loads of books the other day and they’re all slowly starting to arrive!

What’s the best thing ever?

Being in a room full of kittens…duh. And chocolate.

Favourite Season?

Last year, I would have told you it was Winter. Now I see it for what I truly liked about winter (again something I’ll dive in depth on in a another post). Now, I have to say it’s Spring. The season of life and birth.

Favourite Holiday?


What fictional character do you relate to most?

Far too many of them! It’s part of the reason I love reading so much.

Do you like surprises?

No. I’m too much of an anxious person to like surprises, they usually just set me on edge… (although I have had my fair share of good surprises – thank you mum and my boyfriend! – not enough to make me like them though)

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had?

I’ve had a few but one that always sticks to mind and brings a smile to my face whenever I think about it or tell someone about it. Was when I was 7 maybe 8 and my mother and step dad walk into my room on Christmas morning, and suddenly I’m waking up to a robotic dog barking next to my head! You best believe I woke right up from sleep and was on a high for weeks after. I had been BEGGING them to buy me a Teksta and so when I finally had one, I was so in love and obsessed with it. I never really wanted a real dog because even then I knew I wouldn’t be able to care or give it the right attention, but a robot dog? It just seemed perfect! And it was, until my younger siblings broke it (the joys of a big family!), I may end up getting myself another one if I can find this exact one again…

What’s the best surprise you’ve ever given anyone?

I’m not too sure, I’d suppose that’s a question for them not me?

What’s the surprise that made you cry?

I don’t think I have ever cried from a surprise…

Do you like muffins?

Is the sky blue, grass green and dogs bark? Of course I like muffins!

Do you cook often?

NO… though I have plans to change this along with my diet plan. I like to bake with my younger sister on the weekends, I feel like it’s a really great sister bonding hobby to have.

What’s your favourite desert?

Anything with chocolate….Or a homemade apple pie!

Is there a desert you don’t like?

Things that are just TOO rich in flavour. I’m not a big fan of food and part of the thing I detest about food is flavour. Ask my boyfriend, he honestly thinks I’m insane with all the bland things I enjoy – well maybe enjoy is too strong of a word – but I can stomach bland things easier than I can with flavourful and strong smelling foods/Deserts.

Cake or Pie?

Both… but on certain ones because I REALLY love chocolate cake but I have also ALWAYS loved apple pie.

What’s your least favourite food?

Honestly the list is too long.

What’s your favourite condiment?

A year ago I would have told you salt. Salt makes everything better! However this year I have chosen to more or less completely cut it out of my diet, only indulging in having salt on something everything now and again, and would have to disagree with myself from a year ago. Some things DO taste better WITHOUT salt. Cutting out salt has been a struggle (especially for me as I’d add extra because I loved it that much) however now… I don’t really miss it. I like to as I stated previously to indulge in it now and again but I really am happy without it too.

Now, though? I’d say mushy-peas. I really love the taste on them and the texture when done right (I like my mushy peas really, really soft). Mushy peas, mash, fish and bread sauce is just a meal I could once every day, for the rest of my life.

It’s 4am on a Saturday night, what would you eat?

Ummm…probably some chocolate, ice-cream, yogurt or fruit.

If you could teach a college class what would it be called?

Coping with your mental health and/or mental illness (As I feel like that’s something schools should bring a lot of focus to and do an hour lesson on mental health and mental illnesses).

Best animated film?

How can you even ask me that, there are far too many amazing ones out there to choose from!

What has a guy (or girl) said to impress you?

He told me how much he loved my family. (Family is such a big thing for me so when my family and him got along I knew I had found someone special to share my life with).

Best thing to do on a date?

Remember to both have fun. It’s a date, not an interview!

Worst thing to do on a date?

Talk about another person/ talk about an ex… I’ve never had this happened to me, however it’s happened to a few friends of mine and it defiantly seemed to have hurt them that that person agreed to go on a date with them only to talk about other people or an ex they haven’t realised they aren’t over yet.

What is the funniest pick up line a guy/girl could use on a guy/girl?

I’d have to say these two;
You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy.
What has 36 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk? My zipper. (I don’t know why but I laughed at this for ten minutes straight)

Best comic book character?

I’ve always been a batman fan 😛

What are three things you always keep in your purse?

I’m not sure if this means a money purse or a women’s small bag (which have been known to be called purses at times).
If it’s a money purse then….
old receipts
And cards.
If the latter then it would be:
Notebook & pen.
And a small book or my kindle.

Favourite drink?


If you could play a historical character who would it be?

Rosalind Franklin or Angela Burdett-Coutts

kittens or puppies?

Do i have to choose? Can’t I just pick both??

Favourite Sushi Roll?

I’ve never tried Sushi Rolls… It’s never seem like something I would like. Though I plan on trying it at some point now that I am trying new things!

What kind of lipstick do you use?

I don’t really wear lipstick, usually just a light lip tint with some lip-balm or just lip-balm.

What kind of foundtion do you use?

Honestly, I try out loads of different types, because my skin is so sensitive and bad, I usually have to switch around or I’ll to:
Lasting Finish 25hrs foundation with comfort serum
Or Match Perfect foundation – both by Rimmel
Though I try not to wear foundation too often because it will play up with my skin, i’m also looking for more vegan friendly foundation/makeup that I can start using with my skin.

Blow dry or Air dry?

I’ve always aired dried mine. Drying it naturally seems stop many split ends, frayed/flyaway and dry hair.
However, If I am in a rush (which really isn’t that often) I will blow dry my hair.

Who is your fashion Icon?

Is it weird I’ve never had one? When I was younger I always used to want to wear my older sister’s clothes (I won’t lie, I still like nicking a few of her outfits now and again when I see her) and my mums clothes. I’ve always like the Gothic/emo style, and having a Gothic mum and an older sister (at that time) going through her emo phase. Me and my family just seem to have very similar tastes…but you’d never catch us dead wearing the same thing!

Favourite Disney Character?

That’s just cruel. There are far too many good ones out there to just pick one!

What are you doing tomorrow?

I’m not too sure… I guess:
– Sort my cats out
-Check my emails
-Social media
-Write a few blogs posts out
-Spend some time with my cats
– Start reading, Blood’s Awaken (Because my forgetful min totally forgot!)
– Go on a walk with my sisters
-Take some pictures
-Social media
– Get back to writing my novel
– Spend more time with my cats
– Play a game with my one true love/ spend some quality time together.
-Social media
-Blog writing/planning
– Then Bed
I don’t led an exciting life, but I am living a changed one :).

Movie you’ve laughed the hardest through?

Any comedy film I have EVER watched, I’m easily amused I think…

Movie that made you cry?

The only one that springs to mind right now are:
Marley and Me
The lion king

If you could sing a duet with someone who would it be?

considering I can’t sing, no one. I wouldn’t want to torture their ears with their sound of my inharmonious voice!

If your life were a song, what would the title be?

She learnt to be her own goddess.

Favourite animal?

I really don’t have a favourite, I’ve all animals tbh, even the creepy crawly insects.

Favourite Illustrator?

I can’t say I’ve ever had one….

Person you want to have coffee with?

What’s the country you wish to visit?


Best ways to decompress?

  • Read a book.
  • Read more books.
  • write (writing is a great decompression).
  • Yoga! (Yoga is amazing for it too!).
  • Baking.
  • Taking pictures of my cats or nature/ the sky really helps me.
  • Playing with your pets/ giving them affection.
  • A bath using Lush bath bombs!

Here are my 12 nominees, I can’t wait to read your answers!